Everyday Magic

Fairy Cakes          $4.25 each          $23.50 1/2 dzn           $38 dzn

Gluten Free Fairy Cakes  

                               $4.50 each             $25  1/2 dzn                      $41  dzn

Flavours change every day! 

Come on in to find out what flavours we have today!

Fairy-O's             $2.45 sm                 $4.25 lg

Toffee Chocolate Ganache Tart

Always Gluten-free!

Magic Bars and Harlequin Bars                $4.50

Magic Bars - Toffee, Cream Cheese, Marshmallow, Wowbutter, and Chocolate Ganache

Harlequin Bars - Chocolate Toffee, Cream Cheese, Marshmallow, and Strawberries


Always Gluten-free!

   Cheesecake                                  $4.50 slice

Flavours change all the time!  Available in Gluten-free!

(Cheesecake slices are not available on Wednesdays)

Coffee Cake                                   $4.50 slice

Flavours change all the time!

(Coffee Cake slices are not available on Wednesdays)

Organic Fruit Popsicles                     $3.75 each

Flavours are always changing! Come on in and pick out your favorite!

Our retail selection is always growing! Check it out!

Full sized cakes? Mini-cupcakes?

Whole Cheesecakes? We sure do!

Visit our Special Orders page for more details!

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