Fairy Cakes now makes


18 handmade perogies, custom made to perfection!


Perogies with 1 filling - 21.00

Perogies with 2 fillings - 22.00

Perogies with 3 fillings - 23.00

Choose your potatoes (always organic)

*Peeled potatoes

*Benny's potatoes - named after my grandfather who always said that the best part of the potato was the peel - You'll never even know they're there!

Choose your fillings

*Caramelized Onions     *Corn      *Cheddar   *Mozzarella   *Spinach    *Bac'n   *Broccoli


Orders can be made over the phone or in person. Perogies will be available for pick on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the week after your order is placed. Orders for the following week must be placed by 5pm on Fridays.

Don't forget to add a container of Tofutti Sour Supreme to your order!

Cooking Instructions

*Perogies come frozen


*Boil for 4 minutes - We recommend a medium sized pot filled approx 3/4 with boiling water - stir continuously to prevent perogies from sticking to the bottom of the pan - perogies will float when done.


*Strain and let sit on a plate for 1-2 minutes


*Pan fry on medium heat with a little bit of oil


*Remove from pan and enjoy!!